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This is an original production drawing used to make episode 4ACX12 "Breaking Out is Hard to Do" of "Family Guy". During a grocery shopping trip, Lois realizes she is short on money to pay for food. She pretends to return a ham to the meat department but decides to hide it in her purse instead. Hooked on the thrill of shoplifting, she begins stealing other items, quickly becoming addicted to theft. She begins to indulge in large shoplifting sprees, including stealing a Matisse painting, which arouses the suspicion of Brian. While attempting to steal from an auto parts store, Lois is caught by Brian, who tells her she is doing wrong and that her stealing is not going to solve problems. Lois accepts his reasoning, but as she loads up the car to return her stolen goods, she is caught by Joe and arrested.
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10.5" x 12.5"
18" x 20"

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Original Production Drawings - click here to find out more.

Original production drawings are one-of-a-kind pieces of animation art. Prior to the creation of cels, each character pose and action must be drawn in pencil. These drawings are the artistic backbone of the film or television show, and are much in demand by collectors.

While they lack the vivid colour of cels, drawings are very desirable for two main reasons. Many collectors prefer drawings because it is at this stage that the animators have really exercised their talents and brought the characters to life. Another appealing aspect of drawings is that they generally cost significantly less than a comparable production cel.

Original production drawings are a wonderful addition to any animation collection, and a great way to enjoy the artistry behind your favourite characters. See What To Look For In A Good Cel Or Drawing.

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