Simpsons Mania a HUGE Success

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October 19, 2003

On Oct. 18th Simpsons Mania featuring original Simpsons director Wes Archer hit the Metro Toronto Convention Centre and the response was phenomenal! Over 2,000 Simpsons fans showed up to view and purchase 300 pieces of original and limited edition artwork from The Simpsons, Futurama and King of the Hill.

Wes Archer entertained the crowd as he showed the animation process behind such characters as Homer, Bart, Mr. Burns, Bobby Hill, Boomhauer, Bender and many other fan favorites. Wes was overwhelmed by the fan response as he stayed for 3 1/2 hours AFTER the event was finished signing dedications for fans and said that it was an "incredible rush of being in front of so many fans".

With the success of Simpsons Mania, Animation Connection is planning to host another, bigger event in 2004. Join the Collectors Club and you'll get advance notice of what is certainly to be another fantastic event! Collectors Club membership is FREE and we'll never disclose your email address.