Lenny and Carl
Item: #ASE7244
This is an original production cel used in making The Simpsons episode "Homr". Homer takes Bart and Lisa to the "Sick, Twisted, and Totally F**ed Up Animation Festival" where they sample some of the most cutting edge cartoons from around the world. During a workshop, Homer becomes fascinated by an electronic device that renders cartoons from human movements called the Animotion machine. Later, he invests the family's life savings in the company and loses all their money. To makes back some cash, Homer becomes a human guinea pig. During one experiment, the scientists find a crayon lodged in his brain - the cause of Homer's slow wit. After the crayon is removed, Homer becomes smarter. Soon, he discovers that being intelligent doesn't make people like you any more. He decides to return the crayon to his brain and become his old self again. Lisa is disappointed to lose the new, smarter Homer, however she knows that he's wise enough to continue loving her.
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10.5" x 12.5"
18" x 20"

Tags: karl, carl, lenny

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Original Production Cels - click here to find out more.

Production cels are the one-of-a-kind original cels that were used in the creation of an animated film or television show. Each has been hand-painted by studio artists on a piece of celluloid acetate, and has been photographed over a background painting to create a frame of the finished production.

Production cels are highly sought after by collectors, with very rare pieces from the early days of animation fetching prices in the tens, and even the hundreds of thousands of dollars. See Why So Few Vintage Pieces Have Survived for more information on the rarity of early production cels.

Production cels from the 1980’s and 90’s are available at considerably lower expense, but The Move To Computerized Animation has severely curtailed the supply of new artwork in the market, and has put upward pressure on prices of what is still available.

Production cels from the same film, or even the same scene, can have significantly different values depending on their desirability to collectors.

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